Andrew McGibbon

Andrew McGibbon

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1981 Andrew is fine art commercial photographer, now based in Durban. His imagery is bright, clean and possibly even happy, all of which lend to his distinctive style and treatment. He is at heart a romantic and values imagination and emotion over rationality when creating. He believes that if you over-plan a photograph or try achieve an exact image you have in your mind, you remove the space for magic and mystery.

Andrew is married, loves his life and draws inspiration from love, mystery, fairy-tale and 1980’s action films. â€¨Along with shooting for top brands Andrew spends a lot of his time doing pro-bono work for local NGOs addressing issues of social justice.
Having spent the best part of the last ten years focusing on commercial photography, he has moved into growing as an exhibiting artist.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

All the Wild Horses
Mezzanine Gallery