Bajabulile Dhlamini

Dr Bajabulile Lavida Terri Ntfandvoyetive Makhosothando 2  Sidzumo Dhlamini  was born on the 4th of November 1983

Terri is a Christian and identifies with her tradition and culture as part of who she is. She is also a golfer and a writer who echoes her surrounding spaces in pen. 

Terri as she is fondly known is a Humanitarian and  an advocate for education. Her heart is in children, elderly and child led households and is  currently running a number of charities. 

Her main charity organ is Betive Community Development Trust  , a self funded programme where she is aiding less privilledged  kids ( currently having 21 kids )with school needs , ranging from fees to uniform and books. 
She also aids financially " Thswaranang Children's Home, God's heart orphanage and Kopano Brass Band amongst others.

          Kopano Brass Band  - Johannesburg 

Academically and professionally, she  is an Epidemiologist,  specialising in Communicable dieses. Her academic qualifications include, Masters in Business Administration, Honours in Communication science  Marketing and Management; amongst others which also include Project Management, Customer Relationship Marketing and Management from ;with a recently acquired Corporate law degree. 

Dr Dhlamini Sidzumo also runs , " clothe a neighbour campaign drive, where she distributes clothes, sanitary pads and food parcels to different neighbourhoods in and around S.A and extends to Mozambique, Uganda ; Botswana; Lesotho and Namibia .

       Ga-Sekororo Community - Limpopo

She does not only involve herself financially in these projects but believes, the best gift to give is your "Time", where she practices that by giving "counseling session to the elderly, families in communities of interest to herself, career guidance, emotional and trauma guidance to young kids. 

      Clothe a neighbor drive in Limpopo

She also does motivational speaking in prisons, hospitals where she also visits patients who do not have visitors and gives out gowns and slippers. She further teaches standard guidelines First aid. 

She has few stakes in different companies and also runs her own founded company. Betive Holdings, a company that deals with Project Management, Public Relations, Marketing and Communication, Business consulting, Industrial theatre; Events, exhibitions and conferencing. 

Dr Terry is also a registered spiritual healer, which she has been practicing traditional medicine and spiritual healing for eight years (8).

      Ubunyanga bami


      Inkanyiso  PhotoXP Participants - Durban 

Currently, she is in collaboration with Inkanyiso;a non profit organisation run by Professor - Sir Muholi Zanele Muholi where they are aiding less privileged and under resourced schools and pupils with basic tools of learning, skills and necessary exposure. 

        UMbelebele High school in Umlazi, Durban 


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