Chris de Beer

Phenomenal engagement
I’ve been developing my metal smithing skills and did not quite know what to say with them. Now I’ve reached a stage where I realise that I am using these skills to engage with my immediate environment. I can comment, observe, engage, reflect and examine phenomena in my life through the skills and materials that I employ…
“The collaborative selection of work forms part of an auto-poetic and phenomenological exploration of identity with the understanding that identity is uniquely embedded within social, cultural and personal experiences. While the objects allude to wearable jewellery and its intimate association with the human body, the intention is to re-conceptualize the traditional understanding of jewellery.”

Born 1958 in Durban
Studied at Technikon Natal and Stellenbosch University
Lectured at DUT since 1988
Married to Marlene, have 3 sons

MAFA (Jewellery) from Stellenbosch University
Lectured at DUT since 1988
Participated in Various Group exhibitions, nationally and internationally


Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Phenomenal Engagement