Christian Mugnai

For as long as I can remember I have had a love and hate relationship with putting down lines on 2-D surfaces.

Doing anything with great passion is never short of frustration, fear, anxiety, and disappointment, but the incomparable feeling of satisfaction that comes with it wouldn't make me change what I do for all the money in the world. I was bought in a nurturing environment that encouraged me to express myself from an early age. My mother was never short of paper and crayons in her handbag to keep me busy anywhere and everywhere.

Drawing has always been that spark in my life that's fueled my inner creative furnace which I still raging. Drawing is for me, the most basic and important number 1 step of everything I do, weather I'm creating something entirely hand made or in vectors, nothing can replace your hand, so that's the most important skill to master. With a sound drawing ability as your base, the sky is the limit, the rest of the process you're just using tools to aid you to your final goal.

I initially studied Branding and Advertising and quickly realized that Although it would be a great field to pave a foundation for a future in
design, it would never really satisfy my craving to constantly express myself through illustration and art, but rather a means to an end. Having said that, my background in design has definitely impacted in the way I execute all my work, and installed in it fundamental design philosophy.

I live by the notion to never stop, prostitute or neglect doing what you love, for anybody or anything. T never feel you have arrived to a point in your life when you think you've learned enough, always keep evolving, pushing the envelope of creativity, and when that's done, push it further, that's when the real magic happens.

I'm constantly trying new things, and try and break my own personal boundaries, I think the worst thing for any creative is to be stuck in a comfort zone. I try and hone my style when never I can, at the same time still trying to keep it distinctive enough that people can recognise it. I think that's important, its kind of like your own brand.


Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Main Gallery, Multi-media room