Clint Strydom

Clint Strydom is a South African-born photographer who’s love for the country is clearly evident in his ability to capture the moods of its diverse people and the beauty of the land. Clint has a unique eye that seems to transform what we see into art, from these moving portraits to striking landscape. His style is dramatic and yet ethereal at times, moody or uplifting but always intriguing.

It is this quality that has earned him a reputation as a highly respected photographer and lead a loyal international following. Clint works have been exhibited in New York and throughout South Africa.

He is recognized for global projects; The Aston Martin ‘Elements’ series graces the Aston Martin design Centre in the U.K. and the international Aston Martin showrooms in Australia, China, U.S.A and South Africa.

The real Heroes collection is a set of 32 images that depict soccer scenes from rural South Africa and secured him a place as a participating artist in the 2010 Africa Fine Art Collection – Official Licenced Products of the Fifa World CupTM.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Messages for Mandela
Cafe Stairs