Colleen Harris

Colleen started traditional quilting in 2000 and shortly after discovered her first art quilt at a Golden Rand Guild meeting and knew that this was what she wanted to do. But the question was, how did one start this journey.  Many courses and amazing art quilt books later she is still not sure but leaps in where angels fear to tread and enjoys the successes and learns from the not so successful efforts.  It is a journey which she is so fortunate to have started on at the end of her working career.  Not once has she regretted retiring.


Colleen enjoys experimenting, playing really, and loves using unusual bits and bobs in her quilts and will happily create with fabric, paper, metal, plastic, plant material and anything else that she happens upon, but it is the fabric that always calls to her. Whether she has found her voice or not does not concern her.  The whole process is such fun and it is the one time, other than being in the garden, when the rest of the world and its worries disappears.


Her work has been published and exhibited locally and internationally.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

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