Faye Spencer

Faye Spencer
MAFA (University of Natal; 2001) PGCE (UNISA 2004)

I am an artists specializing in 2 D practice. I work  in painting, drawing and print. Lecture at the Centre for Visual Art, UKZN. Narrative features strongly in my practice and I am interested in the potential of storytelling and the way in which its realization and disintegration can be explored. Two principal themes underpin my practice. The first has to do with Departure: wherein I explore desire, absence and loss. The second theme is that of dystopia or chaos (and exclusion) which are key features of works of the Office Politics Series exhibited here. I am working towards a practice led PhD in which the relationship between these ideas is explored.  

Implicated in my explorations with paint, drawing and book arts are questions concerning: 1) medium  (these are physical/ performative concerns)  and 2)relevance (the  function of making, and (3)larger questions concerning why we are in the world, and how to live meaningfully in a  time of disintegration and chaos).  I try not to think about these big serious ideas, yet they remain unavoidable. Mostly I am concerned with what we value, and with those valuable things slipping from our grasp. .. I wonder how this loss could be avoided. One way is to immortalize what is valued and precious through painting, writing and other creative acts, and to use those wrought images as a refrain, a mnemonic device, and as a mechanism through which to confront reality.

Recent Exhibitions:

April 2013 'Consider China',  Artspace Durban, (group exhibition)

October 2012- ‘for Juliet’-, Jack heath Gallery, UKZN (Staff and Postgraduate exhibition),

October-december 2012, ‘Office Politics: scenes from the sinking ship’, Tatham Art Gallery ( Olive Shriener), Pietermaritzburg (solo exhibtion)

July –September 2012   ‘Lady Godiva’, Burroughs of Waltham Forest , Inky Cuttlefish studio’s , London (group exhibition)

August 2012: Godiva Awakes, Jack Heath Gallery, UKZN (group exhibition)

 Nairobi National Museum, Kenya (group exhibition)


Prior Exhibitions:

November 2011    ‘The End (of the world as we know it), artSpace durban
            (group exhibition)

September 2011    ‘Alchemy’, Upstairs @ bamboo, Sandton, Johannesburg
            (Group Exhibition)

March 2011        ‘Inspirations’, artSpace durban (Group Exhibition)

November 2010    ‘Trust Artists: South African Artists in aid of the UKZN UK Trust,’ St Paul’s School, Milton Gallery, London

October  2010        (in)Different, artSpace Durban (2 person Show
            With Vulindlela Nyoni)
September 2010    Staff student Show, WHAG
            Kimberly (Group exhibition)

August 2010        ‘Found’, artSpace durban (Group Exhibition)

June 2010        “Jabulisa”, Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg (group exhibition)

December 2009    “Grand Plasto Baader Books Exhibition”, Kalied Gallery
            Shoreditch, London (group show collaboration with V Nyoni)

September 2009    “Staff and Postgraduate Exhibition, Jack Heath Gallery
            Pietermaritzburg (Group exhibition)

June 2009    “Wish List”- artspace Durban (Solo Exhibition- Middle Gallery)

May 2009        “Contemporary Reflections”-Tatham Art Gallery,
            Pietermaritzburg (group exhibition)