Gina Niederhumer

2018 Unfolding Fibre - Pretoria Art Museum (Pretoria)

Artvark Anniversary Show – (Cape Town)

Fynarts (Hermanus)

2017 Recent Masters Showcase 2017 – Michaelis Gallery (Cape Town)

Sew many days in the year – RiverStudio (Barrydale) solo

Out of Nowhere – Smith Gallery (Cape Town)

Art of the Thread – Fynarts (Hermanus)

Nano 1.1 – Barnard Gallery (Cape Town)

2016 Fibreworks IX – Mogalakwena Gallery (Cape Town)

Ubuntutu: Life Legacies of Love and Action Project – Nelson Mandela

Gateway Museum (Cape Town)

20/20 Hind.Site – Muller’s Gallery (Cape Town)

Re-visit / member / claim – Salzamt (Linz, Austria) solo

Fynarts (Hermanus)

Portrait of a Needlewoman Mogalakwena Gallery (Cape Town) solo

2015 MEND – Masters Graduation Exhibition, Michaelis Gallery (Cape Town)

and/or - Masters Group Show, Michaelis Gallery (Cape Town)

Industrial Karoo – Fear & Loss (Pretoria, Cape Town)

Sewing a history of healing – Mogalakwena Gallery (Cape Town)

Black & White Contemporary – Kim Sacks Gallery (Johannesburg)

2014 Major Minor V (Johannesburg, Durban)

Industrial Karoo – Fear & Loss (Bloemfontain)

2013 Art Fair (Johannesburg)

Major Minor IV - (Durban, Kenya, Ontario)

CCDI Handmade Collection (Cape Town)

Angel- Grande Provence Gallery (Franshhoek)

2012 Pointure - UJ Art Gallery (Johannesburg)

Contexturise - UJ FADA Gallery (Johannesburg)

KKNK, (Oudtshoorn)

In Bloom II - Casa Labia (Muizenberg)

Design indaba, CCDI, Handmade collection (Cape Town)

I am safe here - Artspace Gallery, 2 person show (Johannesburg)

The Painted Word - Grande Provence Gallery (Franshhoek)

ArtSpace Exhibition at Jan Celliers (Johannesburg)

2011 BVA UNISA Graduation Exhibition - Grande Provence (Franshhoek)

ArtSpace at Jan Celliers (Johannesburg)

Kimonos - National Quilt Festival (Stellenbosch)

2010 & 2009 Major Minor III – Rochester (New York, Cape Town)

Insight - Rust-en-Vrede Gallery (Cape Town)

Wordfest (Stellenbosch)

Voyages of Discovery - Fiberworks VI - Art.B Gallery (Cape Town)

Vista - Fiberworks V- (Durban)

African Melee Exhibition:Traditions, Magic Rituals and Heritage – 15th

Carrefour European Patchwork Exposition – St. Marie-aix-Mines,

(Alsace, France)

2008 & 2007 Innovative Threads (Cape Town)

Don’t be so Square - Travelling Exhibition (South Africa)

World Quilting Competition (USA)

Design Indaba (Cape Town)

2006 & 2005 Innovative Threads (Cape Town)

National Quilt Festival (Port Elizabeth)

Fragments of the Past – Art Hotel (Riebeck-Kasteel) solo

The Sandrooms – Empire Cafe (Cape Town) solo

Sands of Time - Travelling Exhibition (South Africa)

1989 - 1992 Studio Route Exhibitions (Johannesburg)

1990 - 2002 Stars for Africa - National Quilt Festival (Durban)

National Quilt Festival (Cape Town)

Around the Bend - Travelling Quilt Exhibition (South Africa)

Commissions and Studio Work

2002 - present Textile Studio & Art facilitaion – (Muizenberg, Cape Town)

2004 Commission: Banner Quilt for “Sustainable Energy for Africa” (CT)

1992 – 1997 Textile Studio (Greenside, Johannesburg)

1981 – 1984 Costumes and Backdrop for “Das Kleintheater” (Johannesburg)

Residencies and Grants

2016 Gast Atelier Salzamt, Kunstsammlung Oberösterreich, (Linz, Austria)

2014 Jules Kramer Fund

2007 Drawing for a Communal Diary, Summer Academy (Salzburg, Austria)

Guest Lecturer

2018 Textil Symposium Haslach – (Haslach, Austria)

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Main Gallery