Ingrid Adams

Adams pursued a career as a fashion designer and was Head Designer for the
womens wear division of SA Clothing Industries. In that position she travelled
widely to the USA, Europe and Asia. She resigned after 15 years to have a family
and start her own business. Being self-employed Adams was able to spend time
on travels visiting art museums and galleries. Her love of nature endured and
manifested in a passion for Sumi-e, Japanese ink painting, which she first learnt
at the Buddhist Retreat Centre with Louis van Loon and now teaches this part
time. In July 2019 she hopes to complete her M.A. in Fine Arts, at UKZN. The
study is titled: Beyond Sumi-e: a practice-led investigation into the influences of an
ancient art form on contemporary artists, with reference to the artworks of Hiroshi
Senjju and Yoshio Ikezaki.

“My art practice is rooted in the tradition of Sumi-e, dating back more than two
thousand years. My focus is on nature, degeneration and regeneration and these
themes are expressed in organic forms created intuitively in layers, collages and
transparencies. My professional life continues to impact on my art making and
this is seen in my three dimensional forms, which are stitched, draped, painted
and textured, incorporating elements of personal history.”

Ingrid Adams has participated in group exhibitions. Her first solo exhibition,
titled BEYOND, will be held at the KZNSA in Durban, on the 2 nd July, 2019.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA