Jeff Rankin

I was born in Durban and trained there, in the UK and completed my MA in Fine Art at U. Stellenbosch. From the outset I had an interest in graphic art and the associated fields of printmaking and book art. For many years I became involved in publication design & illustration, political cartooning and editorial art. I worked at DUT and its predecessor institutions, lecturing in Fine Art and Design departments until 1993 when I migrated to the coast of the Eastern Cape coast.

After 15 years at Walter Sisulu University in East London I left to build my own studio to be an artist. My survival skills include printmaking classes and workshops.

My last exhibition at the KZNSA was a solo show in 2003. Since going on my own I’ve also had shows at the ArtSpace and Fat Tuesday galleries. These regular shows in Durban are undoubtedly to do with my need to return to hometown, to ‘report back’ as it were, to the place where I found my creative feet.

As well as exhibitions in East London, Canada and Taiwan, my work is in the print collection of the New York Public Library, public collections in South Africa, and in various private collections in SA and abroad.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Learning to Dance
Park Gallery