Joan Martin

Joan Martin’s most frequently used biographical description on the Internet is, ‘Artist, art teacher and owned by cats’ (a Sphynx called Sam and a Devon Rex called Matilda). Since 2009, Martin has been actively involved in both local and international exhibitions. Local exhibitions have been in association mainly with two Durban artists, Maggie Strachan and Lara Mellon.  As well as spending this year working for an exhibition, Martin confesses to have become obsessed with the 'Sktchy' app - an app for iPhone that allows users to upload 'selfies' and make art based on each other's photos. This international exchange led to her being interviewed on the Sktchy blog in January this year.

Since the late 80's Martin has taught art at high school level at various Durban schools.  She is presently teaching at Durban Girls College, combining her passion for art and technology; her adventures using iPads in art teaching were recently featured in The Ridge magazine (Feb 2014) in an article called 'Paint, Palettes and iPads?'.  In 2009, Martin became a Director at EveryONEcounts, an NGO that raises money and awareness of various human and social issues through the medium of art.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Understory: A Collaborative Exhibition by Joan Martin and Lara Mellon
Main & Mezzanine Galleries