Karen Bradtke

Bradtke completed her BTech Fine Art  in 2002 Cum Laude (Sculpture) at the Durban Institute of Technology, Durban, RSA (currently Durban University of Technology). Shortly thereafter, she and her husband opened artSPACE durban, an art gallery located in a warehouse near the centre of Durban and over the past 10 years it has become one of Durban’s top galleries.  In June 2007 Bradtke opened another gallery in Berlin, Germany called artSPACE berlin. The gallery was closed due to illness in November 2010. Another gallery/coffee shop called The COLLECTIVE ran from May 2011 until January 2014.

Although Bradtke has participated in every KZNSA Member’s Exhibition at the KZNSA since moving to Durban, since falling ill, she has had more time to work on her art. Now she calls herself a ‘multi-disciplinary’ artist rather than a ‘sculptor’ as she uses whatever materials she needs once the concept has been determined.