Kev Sevin

Kevin Ngwenya aka Kev Seven, is a Durban graffiti and mural artist who lives and works in Durban. 

He attended Nanda Sooben’s school of Fine Art, Animation & Design where his work began to take shape through the artist’s fascination with comic book illustrations and love for the architectural textures of his city. After graduating with an Integrated Fine- Art & Design Diploma, he then pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree at The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2013 and majored in English, Media, Cultural Studies and Music. This combination in education created a symbiotic relationship between public arts, design, and its impact and influence on modern pop-culture media and society which would become the core subject of his work. 

Ngwenya’s influences stem from the New York subway and street art movements in the early 1980’s. He sources inspiration from his everyday encounters navigating within his city, conversing with its people, and paying homage to his childhood cultural icons, which play a vital role in his artistic and creative upbringing. 

His work has appeared in numerous publications, exhibitions, and brand partnerships throughout the years.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

In Bloom
Mezzanine Gallery