Kim Tedder


I enjoy textile art because it is tactile.

I can take the fabric and the threads in my hands, feel the texture, fold, pleat, move, snip, stitch at will using scissors, machine and hand stitching. I can use hand dyes if I wish, or add scraps of leather or other textiles. 

Watercolour painting is another art form which is hugely enjoyable, but the ‘hands on’ of textile art is a different experience: I can add on, by applique, or stitching or weaving to increase the visual impact and pleasure. 

My work is strongly influenced by the colours of the landscape around me. While living on the Highveld I tended to incorporate the sharpness and contrast of the winter veldt. Now that I live in Cape Town, my palette has softened in response to mountains and seas, although the devastating summer fires have demanded a darker response in some work.

My work is subjective, often driven by emotional responses to episodes in my life, or reactions to our ever-changing social landscape.

Earlier work is Afrocentric in choice of palette, and in concept. Most of my work hovers between semi realism and abstraction.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

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