Lanel Van Vuuren

Lanel Van Vuuren has been a photographer for over a decade. Professionally, she specializes in portrait photography, and had collaborated on commercial projects that included artistic projects, book and magazine covers.  Today she is a full-time lecturer of Photography at a tertiary institution.

Van Vuuren’s artistic projects presently take preference over her commercial work. She avidly takes part in photographic projects (be it personal or commissioned work) and as a result, her portfolio spans over various fields within photography. Her early work tends to focus on the female body and skin. A new strand of work seems to have emerged in the last two years which sees her experimenting with different photographic mediums depicting the concepts of loss and displacement.  Van Vuuren refers to spaces and places: relocating to a new city, the visual exploration of this new environment, themes of alienation and the concept of home.



1996               Art Olympiad (Cum Laude Award)
2001               Countrywide Print Exchange Project with Dianne Victor, Shane de             Lange.
2002               Mind Eye Exhibition – Brooklyn, Pretoria
2003/2004      Meander Art Exhibitions – Aljimmers Gallery, Pretoria / Ethereal Matters         Beeld / PPC Awards – Pretoria News / Art
                       Alive Annual exhibition –             WHPS, Pretoria
2004               Emerge – Alet Wessels Kunskamer
2005-2007     Commissioned photography for Angus Taylor’s Deconstruct exhibition         and his solo show at Everard Reid Gallery /
                       Encapsulate – Pretoria News         / Aardvark 2007 – Beeld / Commissioned photography for Ulricke             Lourens’
                       Reflect-Refuel, SEXPO, Voire and Find exhibitions.
2008         Artificial Light – KYK Gallery / Durban Design Icons – Design Indaba             Magazine / Ulricke Lourens’ Fabrication and  
                 Decadence exhibitions
2009         Bigwood2 – artSpace Durban and Berlin / finalist in NPC Photographic         Competition
2010         Winner of Durban Photographic Competition hosted by TBWA             HUNTLASCARIS
2011         Finalist in Canon SA Expo Photographic competition (2 images) Homing Exhibition, KZNSA, Durban
2012         Come out and Play Exhibition, The Collective, Durban

Her artistic work mainly addresses literary and philosophical ideas about an "absent" form of portraiture. She experiments with multiple exposures, slow shutter speeds and utilizes a variety of camera equipment.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

In Absentia
Mezzanine Gallery