Lara Mellon

Lara Mellon lives in Durban, South Africa and works out of her home studio in Durban North, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She has been actively exhibiting both locally and internationally since 2001.

Mellon began painting in watercolours, but due to the humid Durban climate soon shifted to painting in oils.  She readily shifts between the traditional medium of oil on canvas, and mixed media, collage and assemblage. Her work is sweeping, expressive and often conveys a nostalgia or sense of drama (possibly why others describe the style as ‘Turner-esque'). Says Mellon, “For me, creating art is much like how I seem to live life. Sometimes I find myself walking, most times I'm running. Other times I'm crawling, grappling ... searching. Then there are spectacular times that I feel like I'm flying. In all instances, I'm 'finding things', discovering and learning. Creating art keeps me sane, brings about balance, and connects me with myself, my context and with those around me. I get to understand things better. Mostly, creating art makes me enormously happy, and ensures I'm much nicer to live with ...!”

In 2009, along with a network of fellow artists and other supporters, Mellon founded everyONEcounts; a registered NGO and PBO that raises funding and awareness for various human and social issues using the medium of art.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Understory: A Collaborative Exhibition by Joan Martin and Lara Mellon
Main & Mezzanine Galleries