Ledelle Moe

Ledelle Moe was born in Durban, South Africa in 1971. She studied sculpture there at Technikon Natal and graduated in 1993.

Active in the local art community, Moe was one of the founding members of the FLAT Gallery, an artist initiative and alternative space in Durban. A travel grant in 1994 took her to the United States where she embarked on a period of study at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Sculpture Department Master’s program. She completed her Master’s Degree there in 1996 and soon after accepted an adjunct position in the Sculpture Department at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland. Later she taught at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington, DC, Virginia Commonwealth University and St.Mary’s College of Maryland. Moe has exhibited in a number of venues including the Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Sweden) the International Sculpture Center (Washington, DC), The Washington Project for the Arts (Washington, DC) and American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY. 

Since 1994, Moe has remained strongly connected to South Africa, returning to work and visit annually. This year she has returned to South Africa to live and work in Cape Town and teach at Stellenbosch University. Based back in South Africa, the perspective particular to her roots as a South African artist will continue to be explored while living and working her country of origin.

In 2002 Moe was the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Award and in 2008 she was the recipient of the Kreeger Museum Artist Award. Recent projects include large-scale concrete installations at the African Museum in Washington DC, Socrates Park and Pratt Institute in New York City, Salzburg, Austria, Brooklyn, NY, Boston MA, Cape Town and India.



1994 – 6  MFA, Sculpture, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.
1994        National Higher Diploma, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa
1992        National Diploma, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa

              2013                    Keisho International, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
                                          Earth Matters, African Art Museum, Washington DC
              2012                    Transitions/Displacements, Commune I Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
                                          Transitions/Displacements II, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, Texas
              2011                    Relief III, Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, India
                                          Relief II, Kidd Yellin Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
                                          Untitled, Factory Square Fine Arts festival, Cincinnati, OH
              2010                    Relief, Crane Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
                                          Erosion, Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, VA
              2009                    Erosion III, Bank Gallery, Durban, South Africa
              2009                    Erosion, Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery, Hammond, LA
              2008                    Disasters, Katzen Museum, Washington DC
                                          Collapse VI, 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA
                                          Erosion, Kreeger Museum, Washington, DC
              2007                    Collapse V, Smack Mellon Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
              2006                    Collapse IV, Axis Gallery, New York, New York
                             Congregation, G-Fine Arts, Project Room, Washington DC
                             Memorial (Collapse), G-Fine Arts, Washington DC
              2005                    Memorial (Collapse), Anderson Gallery, Des Moines, IA
                                          Memorial, Kwa Zulu Natal Society for the Arts, Durban South Africa
              2004                    Collapse II, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
2003                     Thrust, Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, DC
2003        Collapse, NSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa
2002        Dogs, Decatur Blue, Washington, DC
1998        Kings Court, Washington, D.C. (performance/installation)        
1995        FLAT INTERNATIONAL, Richmond, VA
1994                  Forecast of Human Trembling II, FLAT Gallery, Durban, South Africa


 2012        Dallas Biennale, Dallas Contemporary Museum, Dallas, TX
 2010        South African Auction Benefit, PPOW, New York, NY
                 Catalyst, Katzen Museum, Washington, DC     
 2009        Uber Portrait,  Bellevue Museum, Bellevue, WA
 2009        Penned, Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC
 2008        Invitational Exhibition, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York, NY
                 Far from Home, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
                 Matter, Area 405, Baltimore, MD
                 Exquisite Line, Boston University, Boston, MA
 2007        Collapse, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
                 Turbulence, Red Bull Hangar, Salzburg, Austria
 2004        Post Mortem, Signal 66, Washington, DC
 2001        Untitled, Pratt Institute, NY
                 Six Sculptors, Long Island University, NY
 2000        Once Removed, Socrates Park, NY
 1999        Fresh Meat, Kim Foster Gallery, New York, NY.
 1998        Drömmar och moln, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
                 Art Sites ’98, Washington, D.C. (performance)
                 Anton Gallery, Washington, D.C.
1997        Options ’97, WPA, Washington D.C.
1996        Art Sites ’96, Tudor Gardens, Washington D.C.
                Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA.
1995        Kwa Muhle Museum, Durban South Africa.


             2002                      Joan Mitchell Foundation Award
             2008                      Kreeger Museum Artist Award


             1996                     South African Kwa Muhle Museum, South Africa,  “Untitled”
             2006                     Mr and Mrs Butler, private Collection, Washington DC, Memorial Collapse.
             2009                     South African National Gallery, Cape Town,  “Congregation II”
             2010                     North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC, "Congregation"

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