Lolette Smith

My interest in visual communication was aroused when my daughter, Michaela, was born profoundly deaf in 1984. I learned Sign Language; lobbied for Sign Language to be used in schools for the Deaf as the primary medium of language; have been actively involved in Deaf education; and supported the Deaf community as an interpreter.
On leaving school I studied art privately under the tutorship of Sydney Goldblatt, opened a pottery and art studio in Benoni in1980 and obtained a diploma in Commercial Art in 1984. In the quest to find a suitable school for Michaela I moved my family to Hillcrest in Kwa Zulu Natal where I taught Art and Language at Fulton School for the Deaf in Gillitts from 1987 to 1999.
 In the year 2000 I opened a private college, Edu-Art Highway Art College which facilitated Art and Language instruction to full time students specializing in Art for a National Senior Certificate from the National Education Department. In 2003 I started studying through UNISA and was awarded the student merit award on qualifying with a Bachelor in Visual Arts in 2008.
My passionate involvement in Art and quest to aid the Hearing world to understand that of the Deaf has led to the making of visceral works of vernacularly visible three-dimensional drawings that deal with the inter-connectivity of visual and aural language systems.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Isomorphicintergrammar – Code switching
Multi-media room