Marian Immerman

Artist Statement:

“I Create ..Therefore I Am!!”...My life s journey has incorporated art in some form or another ever since I graduated at University of Natal with majors in Speech and Drama and English…I went from lecturing in communication to buying for one of the largest clothing chains.Fabric and clothing have been intrically woven into my life…Many of my journeys have been of a “cyclical nature”….I like to see potential in every little thing whether it is an old discarded umbrella,a burnt out shipping container,a shoe past its sell by date , vintage handkerchiefs, clothing and accessories from a bygone era or bits and pieces of leftover fabric,buttons and braid.I see Re creation as Recreation!!.I will jump when an opportunity presents itself whereby I can turn seriously not funny issues into an art piece that is pleasing to the eye yet makes a statement whether it is about Animal Conservation or Abuse of Children!The pieces I have submitted for the Intellectual Property Exhibition are my own creations and incorporate a number of different techniques ranging from weaving to embroidery to the jucstapositioning of myriads of different colours patterns and textures to make a unique work of art .My creations are an extension of myself.,.my values in life as well as Social and moral issues that are close to my heart."