Marlene de Beer

Marlene de Beer is a lecturer in Jewellery Design at the Durban University of Technology. She chose to work in mediums such as silver, porcelain and appropriated materials in order to create small sculptures, wearable objects, and objects that allude to wearability. As a practising goldsmith, she used her artisanal skills to add detail to some of the objects. The exhibition forms part of her PhD degree in Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University and concentrates on the notion of contributing to the conceptualisation of a feminine Imaginary. The aim is to counteract the phallocentric bias and masculine monopoly of the cultural and societal Symbolic.


Traditional conceptions of jewellery have inherent restrictions due to the historical functions and the intimate relation of jewellery to the body. As a female artist/jeweller I use the creative process, which includes the choice of subject matter, manufacturing materials and techniques as a symbolic reconstruction of female identity.
The collaborative selection of work forms part of an auto-poetic and phenomenological exploration of identity with the understanding that identity is uniquely embedded within social, cultural and personal experiences. While the objects allude to wearable jewellery and its intimate association with the human body, the intention is to re-conceptualize the traditional understanding of jewellery.



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My work is currently on consignment at:
    Artisan Gallery, Durban
    Tinsel, Johannesburg
    Veronica Anderson Jewellers, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

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