Mondli Mbhele

Mondli Mbhele was born in 1994 in Cato Manor, Durban, South Africa.

He studied at the BAT Centre, in their one-year visual art programme, and also attended the Velobala weekend classes hosted by the Durban University of Technology.

He is a member of Amasosha Art Movement, a collective of young Durban artists that promotes hard work and solidarity amongst fellow artists.

Mbhele’s work questions the transformation of the life of domestic workers after 25 years of Freedom. He is interested in the difficult conditions that domestic workers face in their work environments, without forgetting the dreams they have to uplift their families.

Mbhele uses collage as his medium of expression. He says newspapers carry the events and stories of people but once people read it they throw it away. He collects those stories and recycles them into a new form of art that will endure; a new dialogue that will never be destroyed again.

Exhibitions at the KZNSA