Mpilo Makanya

Mpilo Makanya was born in 1989 in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Makanya is an academic and a member of Amasosha Art Movement, a collective of young Durban artists, that promotes hard work and solidarity amongst artists.

He dropped out of Vaal University Technology where he studied Electro-Mechanical Engineering for one year to pursue a career in art. He has since learnt numerous mediums of storytelling in the disciplines of fine art, creative writing, photography, videography, visual arts, and advertising.

His subject matter deals with cosmopolitanism and human interaction with the natural, political, social and technological environment in the 21st Century, regardless of our geographic location.

Makanya believes every part of society has a tale to tell and strives to relay its emotion and reality in a dignified, uncut and raw manner. His personal traits are quality and professionalism. His mediums include photography, videography, painting, and writing.


Exhibitions at the KZNSA