Nhlanhla Chonco

Nhlanhla Chonco was born in Clermont Township, Durban, South Africa. He is a multimedia visual artist specialising in acrylic paint and oil pastel as his medium of expression.

He is the founder of Chonco Arts (Pty Ltd) an organisation that is inspired by difference. He is also a member of Amasosha Art Movement, a vibrant collective of Durban artists that promotes solidarity and the idea of artists sharing ideas amongst themselves.

Chonco’s work is an investigation of the identity and heritage of indigenous people before colonial history and how colonisation reshaped their current identity in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

He explores the idea of African ceremonies as a form of spiritual performance that allows people to connect with their spirituality through music and dance. His work addresses how contemporary space has disrupted that connection through changes in infrastructure and the materials that people have access to.



Exhibitions at the KZNSA