Nindya Bucktowar

Nindya is a Mauritian Architect who has made South Africa her home. She is a multidisciplinary creative, who makes the most of her abilities by exploring various mediums and form of art.

She explores traditional patterns and graphics, through a contemporary lens; reinterpreting traditional Eastern cultural symbolism, and incorporating contemporary African iconography to re-examine the possibilities of her medium. She experiment with pigment ink on paper and acrylic paint and texture paste on various canvases; including wood, stones and seeds.

Her photographic journey is a different way for her to see the rhythms & patterns of the city; in everyday objects and her environment. She is being mentored by artist photographer Angela Buckland.

She is the co-director of NT Design Studio, an umbrella design firm who specializes in architectural, graphic & industrial design.


Exhibitions at the KZNSA