Pete Reynolds

Born 20 July 1989 in Cape Town, South Africa
Pete has always been fascinated with the fact that you can communicate almost anything without using words;
whether it's an illustration, painting or video. Because of this, he tries to always make sure that his work is positive and uplifting. He draws inspiration from artists such as Travis Millard and Andrew Pommier, but also from things that have shaped his life e.g. skateboarding, being surrounded by nature, and discourses from the punk/hardcore movements.

Having majored in Art at school, and studied Multimedia Design at Vega, the act of creating something is where Pete finds his joy, and often plays a jack-of-all-trades creative. He loves all things low-brow and DIY, plays in noisy bands and runs his own fanzine called Rise.

Ultimately, he would like for his work to inspire and encourage people.


Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Main Gallery, Multi-media room