Peter Engblom

Who is Peter Engblom:
A  former yacht-broker (by trade)
A museum designer by necessity
The man responsible for the now infamous Mpunzi Shezi, the first Zulu missionary who went to Japan at the turn of the century and brought back Zen to the Zulus
A descendant of the original Scandinavian. (Specifically Norwegian, Lapp actually), missionaries who evangelised Zululand a century and a half ago. His ancestors established a mission outpost in Zululand at the turn of the last century
A professional snake catcher
He studied photography at the Bavarian State Institute in Munich. Before returning to Zululand, (like Mpunzi)
Born on a sugar plantation
He designs lots of public museums, meaningful and otherwise
Has held a number of solo and group exhibitions. His work is represented in major, and minor collections, everywhere
He describes his work as 'the Celestine Prophecy meets Mad Magazine’. He also designed the suitcases for Big Brother
The creative Director for Durban’s bid to win (which it did) the upcoming UIA 2014 Architectural congress

Exhibitions at the KZNSA

Zooloo Vindaloo
Mezzanine Gallery