Pinky Mayeng

Pinky Mayeng (RSA b. 1993) is a former undergraduate student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Her work is personal yet observational, she uses herself as a tool to explore or portray issues and ideas that surround her. These are things that she feels are overlooked yet hold a certain part within identity, whether it is the understanding and exploration of her own identity or navigating representation. While she works predominantly in the mediums of sculpture, paint, installation and photography she is now venturing into printmaking and video exploring how she can further express herself within these mediums.


She is also part of iQhiya a collective of eleven black women artists based in South Africa and Botswana. Through her participation in iQhiya she has been in a group exhibition at the AVA and performed at Documenta 14 in Athens, Greece and Kassel, Germany.


Exhibitions at the KZNSA