Richard Ellis

 1) Why you make art?

For me, creativity is a form of therapy. It is
satisfying to see imagination develope form, and sound.

2) What inspires you to make it?
Inspiration is derived from exploration of unfamiliar worlds and
observation of all lifeforms.

3) What it signifies or represents?
Elliment6 sounds represent an interpretation of urban, evironmenmtal,
mechanical and industrial audio impact, composed into rhythmic melody
for easy accessability to most listeners(hopefully!).

4) What's unique or special about how you make it?
The Elliment6 sensory experience is created on conventional,
unconventional and re-purposed instruments and materials,
incorporating exploration of electronics, acoustics, voices and
deejaying.Not necessarily all in one production, but customised to
suit a shows requirements.

5) What it means to you :
To Elliment6,modern music making is mostly derivative, with slight
variations.Humans mimic well and lable it original. Elliment6, don't
claim originality but do aim to achieve interesting presentations of
creative work.