Sally Scott

With an upbringing like mine, it’s little wonder that my work explores themes of caring, sharing and valuing the landscape that supports me.  I come from a long line of pioneers and had a remarkable childhood with six siblings on a large and remote cattle ranch in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. In the late 1960’s, I moved with my family to Botswana where for 10 years I had the opportunity to explore the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta with my adventurous pilot father. After leaving university, I began a career as a teacher in Harare, just as the Rhodesian War began. I married an officer in one of the country’s Special Forces and at the end of the war, we immigrated to South Africa. We lived for 15 years in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, before I finally launched out on my own and settled in Grahamstown, which is where I currently live, running my private art studio.


My artwork is largely a document of the life I have lived, echoing the phases through which I have travelled. I am both a fibre artist and landscape painter, drawing inspiration from the people, the landscape and the spirit of Africa. I have been working in fibre for over thirty years and my work has been a part of many South African textile exhibitions both here and overseas. I have won several major awards, and have work in private and corporate collections around the world.


My chalk pastel landscapes are depictions of significant places that I have been; rich, spiritual places that have one way or another, left their mark on me.


 My fibre art touches on the human condition, informed by the life I’ve lived in Africa and looking back with a mixture of emotions at what vestiges of that life still remains.  I try, without guilt or judgment, to find acceptance that it was what it was and that little can be done to change history. I am interested in human stories, and in the lives of those who have gone before us, who have each added their own particular layer to the richness of our continent.


Beyond producing art, I am an art teacher with many years’ experience, and I derive much pleasure from helping beginners to get started and nurturing their artistic growth. I believe in the healing power of the creative process and offer workshops and drawing classes that foster and encourage the development of skills and the building of self-esteem.

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