Poetry in Motion

16 September 2017, 18h00  -  16 September 2017

Please join the KZNSA Gallery and performers Verushka Pather and Manesh Maharaj for an evening of Poetry in Motion from 18h00 on Saturday 16 September 2017. 


Poetry in Motion is the coming together of two of the world’s most cherished and loved Indian classical dance forms, namely ‘Bharata Natyam’ presented by Verushka Pather and ‘Kathak’ presented by Manesh Maharaj.


Highlighting the differences as well as the similarities between the two styles, the artists seamlessly weave their respective dance genres into a connected whole. Expounding on poetry through dance forms the core of this innovative offering.


Based in Durban, Verushka Pather and Manesh Maharaj have focused their energies towards the preservation and advancement of classical dance in South Africa. Their collaboration in Poetry in Motion reflects a deep commitment and devotion to their respective art forms. Strictly adhering to the sanctity of the classical, they are visionaries & firm believers of the ‘now’, creating a sense of immediacy with the audience elevating one from the mundane to the ethereal. Their work transcends barriers and connects all who share a natural empathy for life.



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