20 July - 07 August 2016
Glass Box

A Tribute to Madiba

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Photo: Paulo Menezes

As we celebrate Madiba Day this July, the KZNSA is proud to have Mhlonishwa Chiliza's 'Compass' on exhibit in the Glass Box.

Chiliza says the following about the piece:


From childhood, I have seen images, statues, and documentaries of Nelson that portrayed him as a world icon. Mandela was a remarkable man and one of the great leaders of the century that united nation(s) and inspired the world. This piece seeks to pay tribute to him and his contribution to our nation.

With this work titled Compass, I intend to acknowledge that I see Nelson beyond just being a world icon, I perceive him as a moral compass. The rectangular needle like structure with a relief resembles a sarcophagus in the burial of heroes and kings.
The relief on the needle which narrates parts of Nelson Mandela’s life time intends to show how I have been inspired by the life he lived. He was a leading example, showing that visions and goals can be achieved. I am part of the free generation that is benefiting from the sacrifices he made throughout his life time.

The world mirror like surface allows the piece to physically engage with each individual viewer, and it also enhances it flexibility to connect and communicate with the viewers at a universal level.