11 April - 30 April 2017
Main gallery

KZNSA AND PHANSI MUSEUM COLLABORATION - A celebration of KZN masters in clay over the last 100 years To celebrate the art and culture that breathes life into the Glenwood precinct, KZNSA Gallery and The Phansi Museum have come together to showcase historical artwork in a contemporary space. The collaboration began in 2016 when the two organisations agreed to join forces on their mutual objective – that of promoting KZN creativity. This exhibition draws on work dating back over 100 years from the Jolles Collection of KZN clay vessels, bequeathed to the Phansi Museum. Alongside these traditional pieces KZNSA and Phansi have included the contemporary work of Clive Sithole, Phumlani Nyawo, Astrid Dall, Rodney Blumenfeld, Thami Jali, Maggie Mikula and Frank Nthunya. The Phansi Museum has a spectacularly rich collection of over 5 000 artefacts. KZNSA and Phansi hope to introduce these beautiful Southern African creations to new audiences for learning and memory keeping. The musem tracks the development of wire weaving, beading, ceramics and other traditional crafting disciplines in Southern Africa.

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