21 March - 09 April 2017
Mezzanine Gallery

A series of woodcut prints with ink wash by Sthenjwa Luthuli, exploring his themes of dance, self awareness and collective belonging.

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My work depicts figurative forms that often overlay, transform and morph into each other in the energetic and vivid colour expressions that can be found in dance discipline. I employ dance as a common theme, as a metaphor for freedom and overcoming fears.


In a world filled with fear, confusion and anxiety, with socio-political and socio-economic threats and uncertainties, with suspicion and desperation, with rage and violence, we exist as both individuals and a collective. We often find ourselves questioning our very being, our existence.


This process of self-inspection and self-doubt then takes place (un)consciously at both individual and collective levels.


It is this continuous longing to grasp and comprehend the concept of ‘self’, that, in itself can only be articulated in relation to, and in acknowledgement of, the ‘others’.


Our critical observations of the external world, or the world around us, and our lived experiences and acquired knowledge informs how we begin to perceive others and ourselves as particulars of that external world.