23 May - 11 June 2017
KZNSA Mezzanine Gallery

Derrick Vusumuzi Nxumalo’s vivid colour and graphic representations of landscapes and cityscapes describe his dreams and ideas for the future.

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Nxumalo has developed a unique style using his imagination and experience and has come up with work of intricate and intriguing quality. His work is based on acute observation, in the past often omitting the physical human presence, with the details of vegetation and architecture deployed with an absorbing understanding of perspective and colour in its purest form.


In his latest body of work, Our Africa Dreams, Nxumalo’s environments are peopled; close-ups of three women, or a large crowd of bathers at the beachfront. They too occupy a bright and graphic presence amidst the detailed cityscapes and landscapes.


“My work is different from that of other artists because I use different colours which are bright and different in style and design. Each and every piece I do is not the same. Any work I do has got its own pattern. When I want to start a painting I must collect materials first and then I have to choose an image. I cannot work fast because of the paint and details of my work.”