Prayers, Dreams and Memories: Paintings in oil on canvas

01 April - 20 April 2008

Aidan Walsh is known primarily for his seemingly desolate landscapes and outwardly empty buildings; the visual language of Walsh has steadily been honed as one concerned with the simultaneous depiction of presence and absence, creating narratives that are teeming with invisible life yet remain infinitely lonely.

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In this, his first solo exhibition in three years, Walsh continues with this exploration: drawing upon his visits to the Northern Cape, the patina of arid empty spaces and desolate buildings is recreated within his masterful strokes of oil on canvas. The sandy browns and sky blues give way to the vibrant greens of the more recent studies of his home town, Durban, and the exuberance of its life-forms.

Also on view are his narrative portraits: naked, unadorned men make their way across the landscape; eliciting in the viewer a sense of wonder as to the possible adventures which lie ahead.