The KZNSA 2012 Members' Exhibition

17 January - 04 February 2012
Main, Mezzanine & Park Contemporary Galleries

Every year, members of the KZNSA submit art works in keeping with a particular theme. This year the theme is: RED.

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“Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Oh, this would be so much easier if I wasn't colour-blind!” - Donkey, in Shrek.

Expect to see over 100 artworks exploring the theme ‘RED’. Also featured will be an installation performance of competitive body builders as human statues wearing ‘blingkinis’ by designer Cathrine Fleur.

There will be delicious vegan breyani (donations welcome), and the usual complimentary glass of wine for members.
The Members' Exhibition offers generous prizes in memory of Joan Emmanuel, a long-standing member of the KZNSA and passionate supporter of the visual arts. There is a R 10 000 first prize, a R 5 000 second prize, and a R 2 500 third prize. There is also a R 1 500 prize for the most innovative interpretation of the theme and R 1 000 awarded as a merit prize.
This year's invited guest judges are: Andrew Verster, Maria Soares and Richard Hart.