The Vessel and Beyond

02 July - 21 July 2013
Main Gallery

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Ceramics Southern Africa KZN regional exhibition 2013

This Association is in its 41st year of promoting the development of the time honoured ceramic art form. This year the exhibition presents members work in four categories; functional; expressive; sculptural and teaching studios. Included in the exhibition are ‘Fellows of the Ceramic Association’ - Garth Hoets, Lindsay Scott, John Shirley and Andrew Walford - artists who have earned this title for their commitment to the development of ceramics in South Africa as well as consistently producing work of a high standard.
Guest exhibitors are Ian Calder, Astrid Dahl, and John Shirley. An innovative development this year is a presentation of bowls embellished by contemporary visual artists who do not typically work in ceramics; they explore the range and diversity of working in a different medium on a classic ceramic form. This group of artists include: Dee-anne Donaldson, Lara Mellon, Brigitte Maingard, Michelle Silk, Joan Martin, Skull Boy, Jane du Rand, Fran Saunders, Sibusiso Duma, Anthea Martin, Adrianne D’Aeth, Pascale Chandler, Lesley Magwood Fraser, Anne Cleveland, Margaret Burnard, Renee Leslie

The exhibition will be opened by Jenny Stretton, Curator of Permanent Collections, Durban Art Gallery.

Latest News

03 July 2013
Jannie van Heerden, Andrew McGibbon and Ceramics Southern Africa opening at KZNSA last night.
Three new exhibitions opened at the KZNSA last night. Two solo shows in the upstairs Galleries, and a large group show in the Main Gallery.