You&Me: A Series of First Times

21 August - 09 September 2012
Mezzanine Gallery

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From June to December 2011, skullboy has been collecting the stories of anonymous participants' sexual debuts - the circumstances, scenarios, emotions, celebrations and tragedies of how they came to lose their virginity's. This was done via small forms left with drop boxes in clubs and bathroom stalls, focussing on the +- 18 to 35 alternative crowd who would most likely frequent the clubs surveyed. 'You&Me' (formerly know as the 'Cherry Poppin' Project') is a revised collection of 100 stories from anonymous participants about their 'first times'. From the 300+ collected accounts, 100 have been chosen and rendered as 100 small artworks.

The aim of this exercise is two-fold. Firstly, to capture a glimpse into the reality of the state and practice of sex in our modern day society. Secondly, to create a healthy dialogue about sex in reality without the baggage of religion, media, television and moral decorum. Through the accounts of others and the re-telling of our own stories, we realise the similarities between us and our peers. Through this communal discussion, we destroy the unrealistic expectations of sex set by society and ourselves and strip such a significant event of any shame, pressure or sense of failure and accept the event for what it was, whether good or bad.

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22 August 2012
Exhibition opening at the KZNSA
An unprecedented crowd tipping the 500 mark turned-out to support the opening of three new exhibitions last night, Tuesday 21st August.