Exhibition opening at the KZNSA

22 August 2012




Prior to the excitement KZNSA Gallery Curator, Bren Brophy  asked “for a brief moment of silence, not for a cause but for the unimaginable depth of human pain and suffering that the recent Marikana killing fields represent”.
In the Park Contemporary Gallery was ‘A Luta Continua’ presenting the work of Johannes Maswanganyi and Richard Chawuke. Both artists live and work  in Giyani. The exhibition features carved and painted portrait busts of Madiba, President Zuma, FW de Klerk, Steve Biko and William Shakespeare, who Johannes calls a politician. The exhibition is configured like a tribunal, all the participants look worried.
In the Main Gallery is ‘where we live’, a  collaboration between Jeannie Kinsler and the fashion designer Terrence Bray. A serendipitous meeting between these two talent Durban creatives resulted in Terrence using Jeannie’s paintings on fabric and as inspiration for his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Jeannie was in turn inspired by his vision and creative energy - and by seeing her work moving through fabric on bodies she has produced this new a new series of paintings.

Upstairs on the mezzanine skullboy presented his solo exhibition you&me – a series of first times.  First times here refer to loosing ones virginity, or in social science speak – sexual debut. This remarkable glimpse into the reality of the state and practice of sex in our modern day society is intended to open a healthy dialogue about sex in reality without the baggage of religion, media, television and moral decorum.
Thanks to all for the incredible support.
Bren Brophy
KZNSA Gallery Curator

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