Judges' comments on KZNSA Members' exhibition

16 February 2018

The judges of the 2018 KZNSA Members' exhibition shared their final thoughts on the finalists' artworks. Judges were Zamani Makhanya, Sfiso ka Mkame and Garth Walker.


First Place – Sharon Bischoff

Sipolilo ‘67

Mixed media on paper

"Extremely competent in execution, and a credit to the artist's drafting abilities. The theme was well interpreted and the subject's pose impactful and arresting. All three judges agreed this was the best work on show, and their first choice on the score sheets. A worthy winner."


Second place – Robin Moodley

Gift of Memory (Disruption & Memory)

Mixed media

 "Interesting interpretation of both material and subject within the confines of the theme. Nice to see mixed media so well executed and impressively installed. Again all three judges had the work in second place on the scoresheets. There was some debate as to whether the piece would benefit by a little 'judicious editing'."

Third Place – Lara Mellon

Land Disrupted : Picture Postcards from SA

Mixed Media

"A striking and powerful piece, well executed and consistent considering its scale. Interesting interpretation of the theme – cerebral rather than decorative or literal -  and benefits from a subdued palette."
All photographs by Liza du Plessis

Artist: none

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