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12 February 2019

You are cordially invited to a presentation by Robin van Rensburg in collaboration with the KZN Department of Arts and Culture (Eastern Region) who will just be facilitating the discussion  on Tuesday 12th of February, @ 14h00 at the boardroom, Department of Arts and Culture, 8th Floor, Commercial City, 40 Dr. AB Xuma rd (former Commercial Rd), opposite Pine Parkade. Free parking is available in the building on the 2nd floor. 


This is an exciting launch of combined internet marketing and mixed social media marketing to promote South African Art and Crafts worldwide in a structured commercial platform. The interest is art and crafts that will show our diverse culture which will present specialised functional arts and crafts, from chandeliers to porcelain and mixed mediums like wood or recycled products. It will exclude paintings for now.


Money makes the world go around especially if you have a platform to promote what you do in a practical way. Shipping and packaging have been put in place for you to utilise after a sale. All the practical business issues have been investigated and structured to make it easy for you to just provide your beautiful products.


Robin is a business consultant that has vast experience in business development and is a turnaround specialist for large to medium enterprises. He is also a Franchise consultant and have always had a special interest in Art. Let years of experience in consulting be of some use and create a brilliant business model for you and allow you to focus on art and not the selling of your product.


Please bring a document with pictures of your art and full contact details.


If you have a skill and a product that you think will be of interest, please join us and please RSVP on 082 574 9281 with Eben Otto or Robin 0824511604 or email

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