KZNSA is an independent not-for-profit, public benefit organisation with 18A status


Everything about the KZNSA supports its profound belief in inclusivity. Open to all, with every exhibition and workshop being free to attend, the gallery environment is airy, intimate, welcoming and convivial. It is very much a public space, connecting the street to the park, with under-the-sky seating amidst indigenous acacia trees, and the contemporary architecture of the building itself providing a permeable, flexible and robust space to exhibit, work, learn and market.

Founded in 1902, the KZNSA is KwaZulu-Natal’s foremost contemporary gallery, hosting artists of national and international stature, and reflecting the vibrant creative heart of the province. It is a not-for-profit, public benefit organisation with 18A status is committed to the promotion of contemporary arts and linked to an extensive network of national institutions that also promote and catalyse cultural change.

Fundamentally, KZNSA is an inclusive society where the public, fellow educators, students and artists gather to share their common interests in the unique and intimate space of the gallery. In addition to exhibitions, some of which are curated by South African artists who debuted at the gallery and have gone on to achieve international acclaim, there are artist-led educational initiatives, an annual gallery member fair, as well as retail partnership opportunities.

KZNSA transforms the local arts community
through activating and incubating contemporary ideas,
artists, and cultural production.

KZNSA has 3 strategic imperatives


The facilities of the KZNSA will always be an active resource and hub of influence to the members and artists in the immediate and extended communities.




Among many other activations of the space, KZNSA introduced monthly First Thursday events in 2017. On the first Thursday of every month, members of the public congregate at the gallery after hours to enjoy free exhibitions, live music and talks.



The KZNSA is committed to encouraging the development of artistic talent in young people by creating a platform for artistic self-discovery and providing skills and opportunities.



KZNSA provides space, in-kind support, free education and media exposure opportunties for KZN artists needing to advance their careers and practices. Wherever funding allows, KZNSA offers programs with financial support to local artists.

KZNSA also provides opportunities for local creative individuals and small businesses to use our space without charge to generate income.

Our sales platforms via exhibitions, the bricks-and-mortar and the online shop provide art industry validation and access to market for hundreds of KZN artists and makers.



The membership-base, management, activities and facilities of the KZNSA need to always be representative of the community in which the gallery exists, just as the activities of the KZNSA should bring about relevant transformation in the lives of individuals who take part.


2012 saw the appointment of Peter McKenzie, the first black President of the KZNSA Council. Sheryl Msomi was President 2014-2016, Russel Hlongwane 2016-2018 and Rre Kunene 2018-2019.

Gallery   Tues–Fri 09.00-17.00 | Sat 09.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00

Café   Tues - Fri 08.00-17.00 | Sat 08.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00

Shop   Tues–Fri 09.00-17.00 | Sat 09.00-16.00 | Sun 09.00-15.00