Now that we're all in full movie-watching mode after another great Durban International Film Festival, lets keep the movie mojo going as Cinema Thursday resumes. The scheduled movie for Thursday 4 August is Israli film, The Bubble.

  • 04 August 2011
  • Screenings & Film Festivals



The Bubble (2006), Eytan Fox, 117 mins, Israel

It is hard enough to traverse love's minefield without having to cross a military checkpoint to visit a lover. Love, Israeli-style, is a difficult task in Eytan Fox's thoughtful examination of social and political boundaries in Tel Aviv. As reluctant Israeli soldier Noam (the charming Ohad Knoller) returns from his duty at the checkpoint, he is reunited with his two exuberant roommates. Free thinking and free loving, the group is part of a party-loving peace movement, Rave Against the Occupation. Living in the city, their viewpoint is often sheltered within a bubble - one that allows them to remain slightly naive to the dangerous, political backdrop. The film is a complex and the subtle example of gay cinema, and casts a self-reflexive light on the crisis in the Middle East.


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See the trailer HERE

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