The next Cinema Thursday offering, on Thursday 18 August, is Strictly Ballroom. It comes from the same director of Moulin Rouge and the 1996 version of Romeo + Juliet, so expect colour, music and great styling.

  • 18 August 2011
  • Screenings & Film Festivals

StrictlyBallroomStrictly Ballroom (1992), Baz Luhrmann, 94 mins, Australia

For both lovers AND haters of ballroom dancing, this oddball Ozzie comedy about dancer, Scott, who has his sights set on winning the Pan Pacific Grand Prix Ballroom Dancing title, but defies the rules with improvised non-federation ‘flashy crowed-pleasing steps' and is disqualified in a lead-up event. His dancing partner dumps him and it seems the defiant stud muffin is destined to perform solo. But it takes two to pasa doble - a fact that does not escape the resident wallflower, Fran, whose beauty is hidden under her spectacles.


In his first feature, the maker of Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet blends tears and laughter seamlessly into an extravagantly theatrical story about love, dreams and overcoming your fears. The underlying themes are nothing less than the neverending war between control and creativity, tradition and innovation, and the efforts of an idealistic dreamer to succeed in a world that demands conformity. And somehow all this comes back to ballroom dancing. OKAY FOR KIDS.


Click HERE to watch the trailer, and HERE to read a review in Variety Magazine written when the movie came out in 1992.




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