Please join us for the opening of three new exhibitions that explore Urban Art.

  • 04 October 2011
  • Exhibition Opening




Main Gallery and Multi-media room

Five artists combine forces to present ‘Broadcasts'. Wesley van Eeden, Christian Mugnai, Paul Senyol, Duane Smith and Pete Reynolds take ‘Urban Art' to the next level. Photography, illustration, paint, vinyl and film explore the dreams and aspirations of South Africans who are being interviewed as part of van Eeden's ongoing ‘Hope Project'. This is art with a positive message. The artists will work in the Gallery for the duration of the exhibition. No walls will be spared.

Inspirations include skateboarding, punk rock, DIY culture, local sign writers, taxi's and of course, the people of D'...urban.


The Spirit of the New Generation

Mezzanine Gallery

This is Mbhekeni Mbili's fourth solo exhibition. Optimistic, enchanting, bitingly humorous and acutely observed Mbili's new work offers a satirical vision of his home neighbourhood, Umlazi. He challenges the stereotype that this community is all gloom and doom. Oils on canvas and charcoal drawings offer us the lighter side of life - utterly collectible.

Stories Set in Time

Park Contemporay Gallery

The annual NPC-CIMPOR photographic competition challenges photographers to capture the essence of any concrete form that embraces the spirit of a story, fictional or fact! The top 33 images depict all things concrete, from statues to bridges, cornices to staircases. Yes cities can be beautiful.



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