Join the KZNSA for the opening of two new exhibitions.

  • 11 September 2012
  • Exhibition Opening


Main Gallery – ‘Unfoldings’, Heather Gourlay-Conyngham
Dr Juliette Leeb-du Toit  notes in her exhibition catalogue essay... ‘Her work reflects on several rites of passage as she repositions her role as wife and mother, and begins again to centre her creativity and persona, addressing issues of femininity, self-embodiment, intimacy, difference, ageing and becoming…the female body, one of the main themes in Gourlay-Conyngham’s work, has for millennia been the domain of male artist-interpreters. Aspirant woman artists at academies in Europe were first allowed to depict the nude female form only in the late 19th Century, winning this right in tandem with attempts to acquire civil and political rights. Contested for over a century, women’s right to represent themselves remains central to the feminist agenda and has in recent years assumed a strong political aspect…many of Gourlay-Conyngham’s works focus on the female subject, challenging stereotypical perceptions associated with the eroticized male gaze’.


Mezzanine Gallery – ‘In Absentia’, Lanel Van Vuuren
It is the awareness of the death of an individual that creates a tangible sense of absence in the photographic portraits that have been constructed for the series ‘In Absentia’ - a re-presentation of the photographic portrait. At the start of this project, the images were single representations of a moment in time that had led to an individual’s death. The artist uses death as a strategy to construct images that give symbolic clues or traces to the manner in which the subject died. The works re-present the lived presence of the individual’s identity amidst material possessions. These portraits can be read as an artistic rebellion against the traditional criteria for a photographic portrait – they create an artificial world where the sitter is absent.

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