On Friday 26 October 2012 at 6:30pm for 7:30pm, the Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will be hosting the 3rd screening and social evening at the KZN Society of Arts Gallery in Glenwood, Durban as a fundraiser for the project. Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  • 26 October 2012
  • Screenings & Film Festivals

rocky horror


(BAR open 6:30pm / Screening 7:30pm)

There is no entrance fee however donations are asked for at the door. Join us in your best Halloween, Rocky Horror and Campest outfits as we party in a fabulously dark and Transylvanian fashion.


Reasonably priced cash bar available - you can bring your own picnic dinner and sit on the lawn for an al fresco screenining. If it rains (oh dear, no runny mascara) then we party indoors!!!

For more info, contact jason@dglff.org.za or call 078 189 5430.
Some of you may have been to an 'audience participation' screening of this classic film before, but for those of you who haven't, read on for...
The Virgins Guide to the Rocky Horror Picture

There you are in a cinema or theatre, waiting to see Rocky Horror for the first time, when a strangely dressed person comes up to you and utters the immortal phrase "are you a virgin?" Don't panic, it's not a proposition (although you never know your luck!) Anybody that has not seen Rocky before, be they 12 or 70 is commonly known as a 'virgin'. Let's face it, at some time in our lives we have all been a virgin, as far as Rocky is concerned anyway! But don't worry, help is at hand from TimeWarp fan club. In order to introduce you to the wonderful experience of Rocky Horror there now follows the original TimeWarp Virgin Survival Guide, the indispensable guide to Rocky Horror etiquette, talk-back and dress codes.

Now read on.................

Virgins guide to the Rocky Horror Picture – DRESS UP, Show optional.

Whilst some people look good in a dress, others don't. You may find that after a show or two you may like to wear something a little more outrageous, stockings, basque, high heels (female virgins may also wear these items). You may even become a diehard fan and start to make perfect copies of the costumes worn in the film. For now, just wear something casual but remember to follow the following four step guide to clothes that should never be worn to 'Rocky'.

Suits, these are worn only by people who thought they were booking for 'Phantom of the Opera' or 'Chicago' but dialled the wrong number. Do not wear anything that may be damaged by the following; water, rice and occasional naked flames, sandals, anoraks, sweatshirts with stripes, see next section.

Remember this golden rule:
'There will always be someone who looks more out of place.'

Virgins guide to the Rocky Horror Picture – PROPS, Show optional.

The following items may be of use to you during the screening:

Rice, to be thrown during the two wedding scenes.

Water pistols, to simulate the rain of the storm.

Confetti, may also be used during the wedding scenes.
Toast, thrown during the dinner scene.Rubber gloves, to be snapped in time with Frank 'n' Furter during the creation scene.
Torch, used during the song 'There's a Light'.
Party Poppers, Hat, Blower, used during the Dinner/Happy Birthday scene in the play.
Newspaper, worn over the head during the rain scene.
Playing cards, thrown during the line "...cards for sorrow, cards for pain"
We'll see you there....... I see you shiver with anticipation!

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