From November 2012 to January 2013, The KZNSA Galleries and the KZNSA Shop join forces to bring you a huge range of gifts and collectibles.

  • 11 November 2012




Shopping trends this festive season are:
1) Get in early. Get therapy before you breakdown – that way you will feel much, much better when the family pitches up …and your gifts will be well sorted!
2) Buy something handmade –so when you feel the festive season pain and guilt set in, you can remind yourself that you’ve actually been spreading da luv, and that’s uber cool.
3) Wrap your loot in used newspaper (we sure will) – pick the headlines carefully for intentional or unintentional message bombing (a trend we just made up). For example: Wrapping a gift for the ex? Find an article along the lines of “A small tsunami washed up on an insignificant beach. No one was hurt.”

GET to BUZZART this Sunday afternoon.

  • There will be a jumping castle and guided art activities for the kids, and loads more…
  • A tastelessly delightful Tretchikoff knock off exhibition - charmingly and gratifyingly kitsch.
  •  “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” exhibition in the Park Contemporary Gallery - an Alice in Wonderland fantasy garden for little people and those who refuse to grow up.
  •  We launch our ‘Rhino Merch’ project, with over 100 ceramic Rhinos adopted and embellished by Durban creatives.
  •  KZNSA Artists blocks, a KZNSA Gallery tradition, affordable original art and lots of it!

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