The KZNSA Durban Centre for Photography (DCP) invites you to an exhibition opening of exciting student photography - recent work by the class of 2012.

  • 13 December 2012



Thursday 13th December, 5.30 - 7.30PM
BUZZART burgers will be on offer at a family friendly price – all funds to support the Photographic Centre.
Enjoy evening shopping at BUZZART – the KZNSA festive season super store.  
How do we teach and mentor a generation of younger photographers whose world is contextualized with newfound realities? How do they see their world given the tensions between contemporary existence and legacies that impinge on it?
Essentially the photography course at the KZNSA’s Durban Centre for Photography is designed to inculcate subjective conceptual approaches to the practice of photography; the notion of photographing an idea, a notion, a sensitivity, an insight motivated by critical reflection - whatever the subject.
Constituent to this are the technical considerations to enable and realize the concept: composition, exposure and perspective, these seen as the language and grammar of image making.
Theoretically we are attempting to mentor a new aesthetic, one that reflects and mirrors South Africa’s transitional and developmental dispensation with a visual dialogue that informs practice. The current group of students has explored these subjective perspectives through 3 essays:
1.    I am: Reflecting issues of identity and belonging
2.    Sheroes and Heroes: A portrait of  a chosen paragon
3.    Sabenza: Notions of jobs unique and unusual to our context
The KZNSA has revived the Durban Centre for Photography that was started in the early nineties and folded after a couple of years. Given the unprecedented recognition that South African photography enjoys both locally and internationally the KZNSA it seemed timely to start this initiative that empowers and up-skills for possibility.






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