Please join us for the launch of ‘RECONNECT’ – Hendrik Stroebel exhibition catalogue.

  • 23 February 2013


The KZNSA Gallery is pleased to partner with Fibreworks a dynamic group who promote fiber and textile as a serious art form, the KZN Quilters Guild and Ceramics Southern Africa (KZN region).

Meet Hendrik Stroebel and support this exciting adventure into an international arena by one of KZN’s leading ceramic and thread artists.
A limited number of ‘RECONNECT’ catalogues (R160) will be available at the Durban launch. 58 full colour pages with contributing authors Carol Brown, Anthony Starkey and the exhibition Curator Bren Brophy. Exquisite photography of the art works by Andrew Griffin makes for a collectable publication. The ‘RECOLLECT’ - 2011, (R140) will also be available.
‘RECONNECT’ is Stroebel's solo exhibition which premiers on March 18th 2013 at the Showcase Gallery in Dubai, this in partnership with the KZNSA Gallery.

RECONNECT’ opens on the occasion of ‘Art Dubai’ - one of the world’s largest contemporary Art Fairs in a region buoyant with the elation associated with the ‘Arab Spring’. Stroebel’s lifelong journey is quite literally returning ‘home’ to the well spring of the artist’s inspiration. In June 2011 Hendrik Stroebel presented his solo exhibition ‘RECOLLECT’.

The ‘RECOLLECT’ catalogue preamble titled ‘Bigger is not always better (a brief history of time in 30 seconds)’ referred to the notion that taking time to create great beauty becomes subversive. The ‘RECONNECT’ exhibition catalogue preamble is titled ‘Bigger is not always better (a brief history of accidental miracles in 30 seconds)’ and refers to the remarkable sense of providence that led the artist and exhibition curator to the incubation of relationships that will see this Durban artist on a global stage.

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